Swedish-Scottish idioms – again!!


Alexander Stevenson showed his work Svensk-skotska idiomer (2021) on the Swedish national day (6th of June) as well as Konstepidemin’s Open Day and the City’s 402-year celebration. The work consists of a series of hand-printed woodcuts with motifs and idiomatic expressons from the 17th century when the City of Gothenburg was built. Built by, among others, Scots. Stevenson’s work was initially made for the citys 400 years celebration and as the City of Gothenburg likes to celebrates its jubilee several of times, we like to show good works on multiply occasions! (that said, a slight change in the selection of prints differs the exhibition from the one at Uddebo). More on this particular work https://alex647998.wixsite.com/skotska-idiomer or more about Alexander Stevensons http://www.alexanderstevenson.com/index.html